Harmonic Properties:

          The equation for the acceleration is:


The acceleration is a maximum at θ/β=0

The acceleration is a minimum at θ/β=1

The velocity is a maximum at θ/β=0.50

The curves are symmetrical; therefore the displacement at θ/β=0.50 is 1/2 of the total.

The velocity curve has zero slope at θ/β=0.5.  This means the acceleration is zero at this point.

The displacement has zero slope at θ/β=0 and θ/β=1.  This means the velocity is zero at these points.

Acceleration of the follower is required to increase the velocity from zero and deceleration is required to reduce the velocity from a non-zero value.  This is true whether the resulting velocity is positive or negative.



1.These curves are drawn for a positive displacement of the follower.  A negative displacement will result in a mirror image of the graphs about the x-axis.

2.The X axis is θ/β from 0 to 1

3.The Y axis is based on a displacement of 1.


          Figure 2

          Harmonic Profile