In the Select User dialog, you are able to add a new user.  To do this, click the add user button and in the edit box, add the user name.

If you select Yes, you will see a list of users.  Select a user from the dropdown. 

and then select the user you just entered  

all of the settings from user “Alan” will be copied to user “This User”.

1.If you choose no, just the basic settings will be available.

2.When this happens, there are no axes shown on the kin or geo graphs and no output will be selected for the geometry output table.  Follow the steps below to remedy this problem:

3.In the Select User dialog, enter a new user without copying settings.

4.Choose that user and open the kinematics form.

5.Enter kinematics, or open a kin or kinx file.

6.Click the graph selection and you will see a blank graph.

       7.   Right Click on the graph, and the graph Edit dialog will appear:  As seen there may be no axes, or, only two with nothing plotted on them and nothing is selected to plot.  Also, if you see the number of axes is zero.  Click the axes up arrow for the number of axes to show, say 5.


8.Now, click in the center list on Position and the arrow to the left to place this on the horizontal axis.  Now click Displacement or any other parameter in the Data Columns list and click the arrow to the right to place it on vertical axis 1.  And you get the image below:  Then add the other parameters to the other axes and complete the graph setup.  For another video on this topic and the axis setup see these two videos:  Graph Setup and Axis Setup.


9.Geometry Graphs are setup in the same way; however, the graph setup depends on the selections made for the tabular output.  To see what is available Click the Out Selection button in the Output Panel:

Then you will get this dialog:  Check the parameters that you want to see and click OK.




10.If nothing has been selected in the Select Data dialog, the graph setup will look like the image on the left.  After selection, the graph setup will appear as the one on the right.  Notice the Data Column list in both images.


11.Setup the graph in the same manner as explained above for kinematics and it will appear similar to this:

Notice that the axes have numbers running together for the contact stress and zero for many of the parameters are not in the middle.  To fix this see this video