Modified trapezoid with X% constant velocity

This profile is the modified-trapezoid profile with a fraction of the total segment allotted to constant velocity.


Modified-Trapezoid X% C.V. Properties

The displacement is linear (uniform rise or fall) in the constant velocity portion.

The displacement and velocity curves have zero slope at the ends.

The curves are symmetrical; therefore, the displacement at the mid-point is 1/2 the total.

The modified-trapezoid X% C.V. profile (figure 8) has a linear velocity region where the acceleration is constant.



1.The curves shown in figure 8 are for a rising translating follower or an oscillating follower that is rotating CCW.

1.The X axis is θ/β from 0 to 1

1.The Y axis is based on a displacement of 1.


Figure 8

Modified Trapezoid X% Constant Velocity