To make a solid model of a plate cam using Alibre, follow the instructions below.

1.From the cam drawing of the plate cam select File/Export/Surface Curve Vectors.

2.Click on the CSV File button and select 2D, and the following dialog will appear:  Click Yes.

3.Select the folder to save the files in and then name the files as desired, or accept the names provided.  There will be 1 curve saved for a face cam and 2 for a groove/rib cam.  For Alibre, only 1 curve is required for a face cam and 2 for a groove/rib cam.  Save the files.

4.Open Alibre Create new part.  Right click on the XY plane and select Activate 2D Sketch.

5.In Sketch Figures select Insert From File:   Then browse to the first file stored.  This will be the one on the XY plane.  Click OK.

6.The resulting curve will appear as below.

7.Click Deactivate Sketch Extrude to the thickness of the cam. 

Watch the video.