Axis Visible ?

Click no and the axis will not be shown.


Wrap Axis ?

Yes here will wrap the axis around the zero point.


Axis Position

Position the axis on the left or right of the graph.


Axis Line Style

Select the line style for this axis.


Crossing Axes Group

This group of controls will allow a selected axis to be drawn at a location (Crossing Value) on the graph.  Here is shown that the Position axis (Axis Number 0) is to be draw at the 0 Acceleration location.  When the Add Axis button is clicked the axis will show up on the copy of the graph axis. 


Add Axis Button

This will add the axis chosen in 5.


OK Button

This button will accept all changes that have been made to this axis and will transfer these changes to the graph.


Axis Number to Add

Selects the axis number to add.


Delete Axis Button

Deletes an axis that was added.


Default Button

Sets the defaults for this axis.


Cancel Button

Cancels any changes.