Axis Name

The default name for this axis is taken from the Tabular Output and the Geometry Data Output Selection. 


Label and Axis Name Offset

These settings will allow the offset of the label and the name from the axis.  The numbers are pixels.


Label Values and Placement

Setting the Default Labels will allow the user to name the axis anything desired.  The  Default min and max will allow for setting the axis size and the graph size.  Selecting yes in Min/Max Even will set the zero in the middle of the graph.


Label Alignment and Font

Alignment of the label may be parallel or perpendicular to the axis.  The Font button will set the font style, color and size.


Label Format and decimal places

Change the number of decimal places for the labels, plus make them either fixed or scientific notation.


OK Button

Clicking this button will transfer any settings made to this copy of the axis to the axis in the graph. 


Axis Name Font

This button will allow changing the font style and color.



Clicking this will make the settings for this axis the default settings.


Cancel Button

Click this to cancel any changes.