New Button

Blanks out all edits


Compute Load Button

With a chosen basic dynamic load rating, life and speed click this to compute the allowable load on the bearing.


Bearing Load

In the Geometry computation a effective load is computed through out the cam cycle.  When the bearing computation dialog is opened this load is shown in this edit box.


Compute Life Button

With a bearing load specified, along with the BDR bearing type, this button will compute the expected life of the bearing. The units will be according to the Life Units chosen. 


B10 Bearing Life

This will show the expected life in the Life Units chosen.  Also, you can specify the life wanted from the bearing.


Life Units

The choice here will change the units of the B10 Bearing Life above.


Default Units

This will change the units of the Load and BDR rating edit boxes.


OK Button

This will close the dialog


Compute BDR Button

With Load, Life and Speed specified, click this to obtain the BDR rating necessary for the bearing.


Basic Dynamic Load Rating

Show the Basic Dynamic Rating of the bearing


Bearing Mean Speed

This is the computed speed of the cam follower (bearing).  In the cam cycle, the follower will rotate a different speeds,  Cam Designer SE will average these speeds to give a mean or average rotational speed.  When the dialog is opened this is the speed that shown.


Bearing Type

Select the type of bearing you are computing.  Cam followers are roller type bearings.