Bore Dia.

Enter the diameter of the bore


Bore Depth

If the bore is not through one hub, set the depth here to the desired depth. 


Through Bore?

Select Yes if this is a through bore.  NOTE: a through bore will only go through one hub.  If there are two hubs, select No here and set the length of the hub so that it goes through both hubs


Keyway Angle

Set the angle of the keyway


OK Button

Click OK to accept the changes.


Properties Button

Set the line width and color.


Add Keyway?

Click yes to add a keyway.


Keyway Width

Add the width of the keyway.  The suggested width will be 1/4 the diameter.


Keyway Height

Add the keyway height.  The suggested height will be 1/8 the diameter.


Cancel Button

Cancels any changes.