New Kinematics

This will blank the form for new data


Kinematics data file + path

Shows the name and path of the current kinematics


Units, Cam Type, Follower Type

When entering new kinematics data, the Cam Type (either circular, or linear) and the Follower Type (either translating (moving in a linear path), or oscillating (moving about a pivot)), need to be selected first.  NOTE: If after entering data and the Cam Type, or Follower Type is changed, all data will be lost.  The Default Units, may be changed at any time. 


Selected Segment Data

This data is the same for every kinematic profile.  The Profile is selected from the drop-down list.  The amount of the cam associated with this profile is the Segment Amount.  The increment is the distance between each computation.  The segment increment can be as small as desired.  The amount of memory in the computer, plus the length of time for computation are the deciding factors for this selection.  The larger the cam the smaller the increment should be and vice versa.


Selected Segment Data II

This data will vary depending on the profile selected.  See the videos of data input for more information.

Open File

Open an existing file.  The two types of files are the legacy *.kin and the new text file *.kinx.  The default is *.kinx.  To select the legacy *.kin, click the down arrow at the bottom of the Open dialog.


Save/Save As

Save and Save As will open a Save dialog where the file can be saved to as well as allow selection of the file type, either *.kin, or *.kinx.  The default is *.kinx.


Add Kin to Cam

This will force adding this kinematics data to the Cam in the Cam List.


Print Data

When this is clicked, a dropdown will allow printing the kinematic data, or output, plus export of the data, or output to Text file, or Excel.  See Print/Export


Show Output Table

This selection does the same thing as selecting Tabular Output from the Output Selection group. 


Show Output Graph

This selection does the same thing as selecting Graphic Output from the Output Selection group.


Output Selection

Select one of these to show output, or data as desired.  Whatever selection has been chosen when the program closes is the way it will open the next time.


Kinematics History List and Open Button

To open a previously stored kinematics file, select it from the dropdown list and click the Open button at the left. 


Cam Amt.

This is the current amount of the cam that data has been entered for.


Segment Shown

This is the segment number that is showing in the Individual Segment Data section.


Force Computation

The Re-Compute button will force Cam Designer SE to compute the kinematics.  NOTE: Each time data is entered for a segment and the New, or Save buttons are clicked, the kinematics are computed. 



This closes the Kinematics Form.



This will bring up this help topic.