The Axis Setup Dialog can be entered by hovering over and axis to set up, left click the mouse and when the axis flashes, right click the mouse and this dialog will appear.  A second way is to click the Setup button in the graph setup dialog. For a complete explanation of this, see the Graph Setup Video (about 6 minutes) and the Axis Setup Video (about 7.5 minutes). 


Page Selections

There are a number of items that can be customized on each axis.  Please see the Axis Setup Video for a complete explanation.


Axis Copy

The axis shown is only a copy of the original axis; therefore, if the cancel button is clicked, no change will be made to the original axis.


Keep Changes

The changes to the axis will be transferred to the original graph when this button is clicked.


Change to Default Axis

Click this button and the axis will be setup as the default axis.


Cancel Changes

When this is clicked, no changes will be made to the original axis.