The main window of Cam Designer SE is made up of a cam list on the left of the window.  At the top, the menu, and below that the buttons to show the Kinematics and Geometry, plus the Cam History List of previously opened/saved cams.  The Open button to the left of the Cam History List is used to open the cam selected from the list.  See this video for more information

Kinematics Button

Click this button to open the Kinematics Form for data entry.


Current Cam being edited

Shows the cam that is being edited which kinematics and geometry data are in the forms shown.


Cam List

This is the list of all the cams that have been opened from file, or entered.  To change to a different cam, double click on the cam to change to, or right click and select Change Cam, then click on the cam to change to.



The menu. 



Geometry Button

Write description here...


Open button for cam shown

Click on this button to open the cam shown in the list of previously save cams


List of previously saved cams

This is a list of previously opened, or saved cams.


Kinematics Data Form

The Kinemaitcs form can be opened by clicking on the Kinematics button, or the Kinematics menu item.



Geometry Data Form

The Geometry form can be opened by clicking on the Geometry button, or the Geometry menu item.



Click and drag to widen cam list

To change the width of the cam list, click the triangular hatch area and drag.