Arc Angle Inc. (Legacy)

This was used in a Legacy version


Local Coordinate Systems

The items checked will have a local coordinate system placed at their origin.


Wire Frame Lines?

When On is checked, their will be a line drawn on the surface for every increment of computation.


2D or 3D Drawing?

For Plate Cams, to see only one curve, choose 2D; otherwise, a curve will be drawn for the inside of the surface and the outside of the surface.  This does not apply to 3D cams.


Translation Type

Translation type was used in a Legacy version.  Now all translation is with BSplines and Arcs.


Quadrant Lines Drawn

This was used in a Legacy Version


Pixel Size of Pick Box

Where a selection is made in the drawing a pick box will appear as this size in pixels.


Grid Size

In the drawing when the Grid Snap button is clicked the cursor will snap to a grid of this size.


Size of UCS

This is the relative size of the base coordinate system.


Wheel Increment (Legacy)

Not used in this version


Item for setting color

To set a color of an item, select it from the dropdown list and click the Set Color button.  A color pallet will appear to select a color from.


Set Color for Item Selected

Click this button to bring up a color pallet.


Show Colors for all Items

To show the colors of all the items in the list, click this button


Items that colors can be set for

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