Min Radius of Curvature

This is the value where undercutting occurs, or is signaled to occur.


Contact Wd=Foll. Wd

If Yes, the contact width will be the follower width.  This is important in computing the contact stress.


History List?

If the history of data files opened, or saved is to be shown in the Geometry Input Form select yes.


Maximum degrees in a Circular Cam

This value will be the maximum number of degrees that will be allowed in the Kinematics input.  While most circular cams are complete circles, some may be larger.


Quick Compute Inc.

When the increments for the kinematics are set very small and the computation takes too much time, there is a Quick compute key in the Geometry Input Form that will change the increments to this value.  NOTE: Unless the user selects the Quick Compute button to turn off the Quick Compute the kinematic increments will remain this value.


Clearance between follower and groove

In groove, or box cams this is the default clearance between the follower diameter and the groove width.  Half this value for each side.


Dock Geo Form?

Selecting Yes will automatically dock the Geometry form when Cam Designer SE is started.  The way Cam Designer SE is closed is the way it will open the next time.


Read Last Geo?

Selecting Yes here will read the last geo file that was saved or opened.