When you select Surface Curve Vectors from the Cam Drawing menu, a table of the coordinates of points on the curves at each side of the cam surface will be shown as below.  These vectors are computed at each increment of the kinematics.  The Beg X, Y and Z are the coordinates for the beginning curve and the End X, Y and Z are for the ending curve.  For plate cams, the beginning curve is the curve with Z=0.  For Barrel cams the beginning curve is the curve at the outside of the cylinder.


There are four ways to export these coordinates.

1.Text file with the extension .txt.  This is a TAB delimited file of the coordinates.  The beginning and ending set of coordinates may be exported as separate files or with the beginning and ending coordinates all in one file.  If the file is to be read into a CAD program, it is best to export as separate files.

2.CSV file with extension of .csv.  This is a comma delimited file that can be read into Excel.  Again, the export can be separate files or one file.  For plate cams, this file type may be directly imported into Alibre.  See the video for creating plate cams with Alibre.

3.Excel file with extension .xls.  This selection will open Excel and transfer the coordinates directly to Excel.  With this choice, along with the one file or separate files choice, the user will be asked if they want to transfer the properties.  Selecting Yes for the properties will transfer the table as it appears and it will take longer to transfer.  SolidEdge will import the curves directly from the .xls file.  See the video for creating a barrel cam using SolidEdge.

4.sldcrv File is the same as the Text file except with the .sldcrv extension.  This file can be directly imported into SolidWorks.  See the video creating a barrel cam with SolidWorks.  This video is for a previous version of both Cam Designer SE and SolidWorks, but is still valid.



Text File Button

This produces a tab delimited *.txt file.  Separate files may be produced for each side of the surface.


Table of Curve Vector Coordinates

This is a table of coordinates to each side or the cam surface.  One is labeled beginning and the other is the ending.  In a plate cam the beginning curve is with Z=0 and the ending is with Z=Cam thickness.


CSV File Button

When this is clicked there will be an additional choice of 2D or 3D.  The 2D choice will export X and Y coordinates; while the 3D will export X, Y and Z coordinates.  You will also have a choice of one file or separate files. 


Excel File Button

This choice will transfer the coordinates shown to an Excel file (*.xls) with the top labels, or with out the top labels.  Also,you can produce one file or separate files of each curve.  In addition you will be asked if you want to transfer properties.  If you choose YES, it will take longer to produce the Excel file.


sldcrv File Button

This choice produces a text file with the *.sldcrv extension for direct import into SolidWorks/


Close Button

Closes the form.


Yes Button

This will produce one file for the beginning curve and one for the ending curve.


No Button

If no is selected, there will be one file produced with both curves.