The input data for a barrel cam with an oscillating roller follower is explained below:


The input for a Barrel Cam with an Oscillating follower can be seen in this video


There are multiple drawings showing the position of the pivot, initial arm angle and orientation of the arm for each quadrant the pivot is in as well as it's vertical or horizontal position.  The default position will be with the pivot in the first quadrant, vertical position.  The pivot position Y of Pivot will always be at the intersection of the pivot axis and a tangent line to the cam OD.  The Default X of pivot will be +/- the length of the arm from the axis of the cam.  This X position is such that the follower will swing equally across the centerline of the cam.  Other choices may be made; but not all will be possible. 

Material Data

See Plate Translator


Cam Basic Data see Plate Translator

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Cam and Follower Basic Data Wee Barrel Translator

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Position of the Arm

Select Yes in Use Default Arm Position, a Quadrant for Pivot, and Arm Orientation and the pivot location, initial arm angle and direction of the pivot will be automatically computed.  The button with the red arc will recompute these dimensions.


 Arm Length and Data for position of the arm

Enter the arm length here.  The other edit boxes may be changed if desired.  Click No in Use Default Arm Position in 4 above to allow editing of this data.  For a rib cam, the arm length is from the pivot axis to the follower center.  The arm length is assumed to be the same for both followers.


Follower Loads

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