The cam drawing is a wireframe representation of the cam surface and some other items that may be added; such as, follower, cutter, hub, bore, and hole.  To see how this works, view this video. 


The mouse is used to change the viewing of the cam.  Use these buttons to change how the cam is viewed:

1.Click the right mouse button to position the origin at the position of the cursor.

2.Hold the right mouse button down and then hold the left down and orbit the cam about the x and y axes.

3.Press and hold the mouse wheel to pan the drawing.

4.Hold down the Control Key and Left Mouse Button to rotate about the X axis.

5.Hold down the Alt Key and Left Mouse Button to rotate about the Y axis.

6.To zoom in, or out with a window, click the Zoom Window + for zooming in and - for zooming out.


There are two ways to change the views of the cam:

1.          Select the view from the drop-down list (19)

2.Hold the shift key down and press:

F for front view

T for top view

B for bottom view

R for right view

L for left view

Alt and B for back view

I for isometric view          

At the bottom right of the drawing form is a button called Animate.  Click this to animate the cam and view the changing values of Cam Position through Torq/Force as the cam moves.  To stop the animation, click the Animate button again, or press the Esc key.  Also, you may use the slider or the Cam Inc. Up/Down arrows to position the cam. 


To Export the drawing of the cam and some of the items added, see DXF Translation, or Surface Curve Vectors



New Drawing

Begins a new drawing


Barrel Cam Unwrap

With a barrel cam this shows the path as unwrapped from the cylinder.


Add Folower

Click this to show the follower on the cam.


Add Hub

Click this to add a hub.  For more on this see the Hub Dialog


Add Hole

Click this then move the cursor to the approximate location of the hole and left click and drag to show the hole and click again.  That will bring up the Hole Dialog to complete the placement of the hole.


Show Base Circle

This will show the base circle for a plate cam.


Zoom Window In/Out

Click to zoom in or out, or roll the mouse wheel forward and backward for zoom in out.


Previous Window

Shows the last window.


Show Surface

Shows the surface after New Drawing has been clicked.



Click this and a Pick Box will appear at the crossing of the cursor.  Place over an object and left click.  If it is selected, it will begin to flash.  To delete, hit the delete button.



To change properties of selected item.


Add Cutter

Add a cutter at the current cam location.


Add Shaft Bore

Add a shaft bore to the cam.  See Bore Dialog


Add Text

Add Text


Output Parameter Selection

As the cam is rotated, the output for that location is shown in the edit boxes.


Show Output for this side

Select the side for the output.



Click, then position the cursor to where you want to move the cam; or, press the mouse wheel and pan the drawing around the window.


View All

Click to view all of the drawing.


View Dropdown

Shows the name of the current view.


Button Panel Above

See the button panel above.





Cursor Position

Cursor coordinates.


Computed Output

Values of the of the computed output for the current cam position.  You can animate the cam and observe the critical values at each cam increment.



Other Controls

See below


Origin On/Off (Axis Icon)

Toggle the Origin icon on or off.


Grid Snap

Click this and the cursor will snap to the increment shown in Drawing Preferences.


Not Used

Not used in this version.


Wire Frame Lines On/Off

Turn on or off the wire frame lines.


Rotation of the Origin

These show the orientation of the cam.


Animation Controls

These controls will increment the cam forward or backward with the Up/Down arrows, or the slider.  The animate button will automatically animate the cam.  To stop animation, press the Esc key.



Not used


Toggle 3D/2D

Toggle 3D or 2D.