The graph of the output can be setup with a horizontal axis and 8 vertical axes.  To see the Graph Setup Dialog, right click on the graph, or click the Edit Graph button (28) in Geometry.  A copy of the graph will be displayed with what os plotted or the horizontal axis and what is plotted on each of the vertical axes.  In the center list (Data Columns) is a list of computed columns in the tabular output that are available to show on one of the vertical axes.  To see how this is done watch this short video.   



OK Button

Once the settings are as the user desires, click this button and the settings will be transferred to the original graph.


Horizontal Axis Setup Button

To change the settings of the horizontal axis, there are two ways to accomplish this.  First, this button can be clicked, or second, hover the mouse over the horizontal axis, left click and right click after the axis begins to flash.


Horizontal Axis

The horizontal axis should always have the position of the cam plotted on it.


Graph copy

The graph shown in the dialog is a copy of the original graph.  Therefore, if the cancel button is clicked no changes will be made to the original graph; only if the OK button is clicked will the changes made here be transferred to the original graph.  NOTE: when you exit Cam Designer SE, the graph settings will be stored and when it is started again, those settings will be how it appears again.


Hide Graph Button

If its desired to hide the graph, click this button.


Data Columns Available to Plot

The center list shows the columns that are available for plotting.  The selection of items to plot can be made in the Tabular Output.  See this.


Cycle Axes

Click this to cycle to the next or previous axis.


Axis Setup Button

Click this button to change the settings on the axis shown, or hover over the axis, left click and right click after the axis flashes.


Cancel Button

Clicking this button cancels all the changes made.


5 Text field

This shows the current axis/


Increase/Decrease number of Axes

Select the number of axes to be shown.  The maximum is 9.  That is one horizontal axis and 8 vertical axes.


Output plotted on this axis

This shows the data column that is plotted on the selected axis with its units.