The Geometry Input Form is designed to work for each of the cams and followers that Cam Designer SE supports and that the user has a license for.  For a explanation of this form see the video.



New Geometry

This button blanks out the edit boxes ready for new data


Save/Save As

When this is clicked, a dropdown will allow selection of Save, or Save As.



There are choices with this button to print Summary, Data, Export Data or Output to text file or Excel.  See this topic in Kinematics


Output Summary

This button does the same thing as selecting Summary from the Output Group.



This button does the same thing as selecting Graph from the Output Group.


Quick Compute

This toggles between computing with the Quick Compute Increment, or the entered increments in Kinematics.


Open History List Selection

When this button is clicked on it will open the geometry data file in the Geometry History List edit box.


Open File

Click this to open an Open Dialog to select a geometry data file, either *.geo, or *.geox.  The default is *.geox, but the file filter can be changed to *.geo.


Add Geo to Cam

When entering new data, the geometry is not added to the Cam in the Cam List until the data is saved.  If it is desired to add the geometry to the Cam before this, click this button.


Re-Compute Geometry

This will force a re-compute of the geometry and dynamics.


Output Table

This displays the geometry output in tabular form the same as selecting the Tabular radio button the the Output group.


Cam Drawing

This will show the cam as a drawing.  See Cam Drawing


Bearing Calculator

This will bring up a dialog for selecting a follower for the loads and speed compute.  See Bearing Life Calculator


Geometry History List

List of geometry data files that have been saved or opened.  The maximum number is set in Preferences General page.


Kinematics Data Name

This is the name of the Kinematics data file.



Brings up the help for this topic.


Buttons See Above

See above for the explanation of these buttons.


Current Geo Data Path

Current complete path of the geometry data file.


Cam Type

Cam type selection


Cam Picture

This is a picture of the cam and follower type chosen.  The images are stored in a folder that is shown in Preferences General Support Images.


Cam Movement Direction

This is the chosen direction of the cam movement.  For circular cams (plate, barrel, globoidal) the directions are CCW, or CW.  For linear cams the direction are -X, or +X.


Cam and Follower Materail

Enter here the modulus of elasticity (Hookes Modulus) and poisson's ratio for the cam and follower.  The default is for steel, as seen below.


Selected Output View

Whatever is selected in the Output group, or from the buttons above, the view of that output will be here, except for the drawing.


Location of this cam on the cam shaft

This entry is for the Cam Shaft program and is not used for the stand alone Cam Designer SE program.


Choose Side for Face Cam

For a face cam (single surface) the follower can be riding on the inside face which for a plate cam is the surface closest to the center, or the outside face.  For a barrel cam the inside face is the closest to the base.


Follower Choices

Whatever list of followers the Cam Designer SE version allows will be shown here.


Select Output View

Select from this Output group how the output is to be shown.


Edit Graph Button

This will bring up the Graph Setup Dialog, as seen in Graph Setup.