The input data for a linear cam with a translating roller follower is explained below:


See this video


Material Data

See Plate Translator


Cam Basic Data see Plate Translator

See Plate Translator


Linear Direction & Speed

The linear cam moves in the X (horizontal) direction, either to the right (+X) or left (-X).  Enter the Speed for computed dynamic values.


Groove Width/Rib Thickness

Enter a groove width for a groove cam, or a rib thickness for a rib cam.  There is no default clearance added for this cam. 


Cam Length, Width and Thickness

The cam length is according to the kinematics input.  Cam width and thickness are not used in this version.


See Plate Translator

See Plate Translator


Starting Position of the Follower

This is the initial position of the center of the follower


Stem Angle See Plate Translator

See Plate Translator


Follower Loads

See Plate Translator