See also the Graph Setup in Graphic Output/Graph Setup.  There is a video to show how this is done.  The setup of the graph is the same for the Geometry GraphNOTE: if no axes are shown on the graph, see the Trouble Shooting item Graph Problems.


OK Button

Click this when graph is setup the way desired.


Horizontal Axis Setup

This will allow the horizontal axis to be changed.


Horizontal Axis Parameter

Shows the parameter that is plotted on the horizontal axis.  Any of the axes can be plotted on the horizontal axis; but, Cam Position plotted here will make the graph more understandable.


Graph Copy

The graph shown in the setup is only a copy of the original graph.  If the Cancel button is clicked, no changes will be made to the original graph; only if the OK button is  clicked will the changes be made to the original graph.


Hide/Show Graph

Click this to hide of show the graph in this dialog.


Computed Parameters to Plot

In Kinematics, there are only 5 parameters available to plot.  If this is empty, then all of the computed parameters have been placed on an axis.  See the graph setup video for more on this topic.


Axis Selection

Click this to change the axis for setup.  For more on this see the graph seup video.


Current Axis Setup

For setup of the current axis shown, either click this button, or hover the mouse over the axis to setup, left click and the axis will flash, then right click and the axis setup dialog will appear.  For more on this, see the Axis Setup Video.


Cancel Button

Click this to cancel all changes.


Add/Remove Axes

Click the up arrow to add an axis and the down arrow to remove an axis.  See the graph setup video for more on this topic.


Parameter on Current Axis

This list box shows the parameter that is plotted on the current axis.