The input data for a linear cam with an oscillating roller follower is explained below:


See this video


Material Data

Input the material properties of the and follower.  The default is for Steel. 


Cam Basic Data see Plate Translator

See Plate Translator


Cam Direction and Speed see Linear Translator

See Linear Translator


Cam and Follower Dimensions

 The Cam Length is according to the length specified in the Kinematics input. Cam Width, or if the cam is vertical is the Cam Height.  Cam Thickness is self explanatory.  Crowned Follower and Radius of Crown, Follower Dia., Follower Width, Cutter Dia., and Contact Width are explained in Plate Translator.  The X of Pivot and Y of Pivot are the location of the pivot from the Cam Origin.


Arm Dimensions

Arm Length is the distance from the pivot to the center of the follower.  Initial Arm Angle is the angle from the X axis CCW to the line between the pivot and the follower.  Selecting Acute for the Angle Between Arms is for groove, or rib cam where two followers will be riding of separate surfaces.   The Acute angle selection will make the smallest angle between the arms and Obtuse will make the largest.  The Acute selection will not necessarily make an acute angle.


Follower Loads

For this explanation, see Plate Translator.